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General chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry

This course can be taught in the following languages: Armenian

The hourly cost for this course is: 20 EUR

The curriculum is designed according to students' needs and objectives.

A variety of teaching methods are used, such as lectures, demonstrations, interactive activities and virtual experiments.

Special attention will be given to the development of skills related to analytical thinking and problem-solving through calculations.

Classes can be conducted in both formal and informal formats. In the formal version, we concentrate on covering the principles and concepts of chemistry in accordance with the standards and guidelines outlined in the textbooks.

Informal classes prioritize hands-on understanding and curiosity-based learning. The focus is on laboratory experiments, real-world applications, and personal interest in the topic.

If necessary, additional materials, homework, and feedback will be provided.

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Experienced chemistry teacher. Teaches 7th-12th grade students, also prepares them for university entrance exams.

Nunik is married, has two children.

Nunik knows Armenian and Russian.

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