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Terms of Use

Only the English version of the Terms of Use is legally binding. The translations are provided for the convenience of users and are not legally binding.

Last updated: 27 July 2023

A. Introduction

The access and use of Armenia Distance Learning (hereinafter referred to as “ADL”) Website, located at the ArmeniaDistanceLearning.com address, and services provided through it, constitutes acceptance by you or the entity you represent (hereinafter referred to as “user” or “users”) of the following terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”). If users do not agree to ADL Terms of Use, they may not access or use ADL Website and services provided through it.

Access to ADL Website (and therefore to the services provided through it) or any particular service provided at ADL, can be terminated at any time by ADL. Access can be terminated for a specific user, a user group, or all users. ADL may shut down ADL Website temporarily or permanently at any time with or without specifying the reason.

B. User responsibilities

Tutoring sessions bookings / appointments
Users must be at least 18 years old to pay for the accepted tutoring sessions. Users under the age of 18 must be represented by a parent, authorized primary family member, or legal guardian who gives consent, and funds, for them to enroll in a tutoring session. ADL is not responsible for any dispute between a person under the age of 18 and their representative.

Content, intellectual property rights
Content, which is posted on the ADL Website, with the exception of the content shared between a student and a tutor, is the property of ADL company. It cannot be downloaded and used for commercial purposes without prior (and in writing) obtaining ADL permission. This does not prevent users from the normal intended use of the ADL Website and associated services. ADL does not own, and is not responsible, for the content shared between a student and a tutor. ADL Website may contain links to external resources and ADL is not in-control and is not responsible for the content of these resources.

Users are responsible for protecting their software and hardware against viruses and other threats. Before downloading and using a file provided by a tutor, users must ensure they have necessary virus scanning and other protective measures in place.

Users must exercise their own judgment regarding the accuracy of information provided on the ADL Website. ADL does not guarantee that all of the content on the ADL Website is complete, accurate, up-to-date. Users should contact ADL personnel when they observe any offensive or illegal material posted on ADL.

Users must not attempt to hack ADL Website (or tutor’s computers), intentionally slow it down by using any kind of automated tools, abuse it in any way, or gain any kind of unauthorized access to the ADL Website, ADL personnel or tutor computers or other devices. In such and similar events, ADL will handle such cases to the law enforcement authorities and cooperate with them by disclosing all available user information. Accounts of users engaged in such actions, or suspected of being engaged, will be frozen and/or terminated for the duration of the investigation or permanently.

Users cannot share access to their account with other users unless they are parents or other primary family members who are logging in to process the necessary payments. Users should immediately inform ADL when their account is compromised.

Users must ensure appointments in their account are all legit, created by them for their own use – and therefore are paid by them willingly. No payment refund will be done on the grounds that someone else used the user’s account.

ADL will send to users notifications regarding their messaging with tutors, bookings and appointments, payments, and other important actions/activities related to their learning. ADL may send to users other important notifications and alert messages related to the functioning of the ADL Website and related services, planned or unplanned downtimes, changes to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc. Users must read these notifications carefully and act accordingly to the event. The communication mentioned in this section is not related to the newsletter distribution, which is controlled by users themselves in the "Settings" section of their account on the ADL Website.

Users’ communication with tutors and ADL personnel must be respectful, not use obscenities, not make threats, or discuss matters other than those directly related to the subject of the tutoring session. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a freeze or termination of the user account. In severe cases, ADL may handle such cases to the law enforcement authorities and cooperate with them by disclosing all available user information.

Hardware, software, and connectivity
Users are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct equipment, software, and stable Internet connectivity (bandwidth must be satisfactory for conducting Zoom video calls) to be able to access the tutoring sessions prior to the session. No refunds will be made in the event that the user is unable to access the sessions for hardware, software, or connectivity reasons. In the event that the tutor has hardware, software, or Internet connectivity issues, a refund of the tutoring session fee will be applicable.

Booked tutoring sessions, missed sessions, late appearances, and cancellations
Users should confirm the appointment, as soon as possible, by accepting it and by paying for it (unless this is a free initial call). Should the user understand that they are going to miss the session for whatever reason, they should cancel the appointment before it starts, or, if time permits, request the tutor to re-schedule it. If the tutor does not manage to re-schedule accordingly, it is the responsibility of the student to cancel it before the session start time, otherwise, the session will be declared missed by a student. Tutors wait for students to show up for up to 20 minutes. If the student does not show up during this period, they are declared missing the session. Payments for the sessions missed by students are not refunded. Payments for the sessions missed by tutors are refunded.

Payments, failed payments, refunds
Users should ensure that ADL services are paid on-time and using funds belonging to them. Users must ensure they have the necessary authorizations from the fund owners before making the payment. If payment fails, the student must not take the session, notify the tutor immediately, re-attempt the payment, and notify ADL personnel if payment re-attempt fails again.

Payment is refunded to users when: a) the tutor missed the tutoring session, b) the ADL Website or related services are not available (if confirmed by third-party monitoring services), c) dissatisfaction with the content or quality of the tutoring session – only once and if ADL is informed within 24 hours after the specified session. If a user has an unused balance, they may request the return of the amounts to the source of funds. The transaction costs involved in processing balance returns are taken from the same balance.

C. Tutor responsibilities

Tutor responsibilities are governed by the contract made between a tutor and ADL.

D. Complains or queries

ADL will appreciate if users bring to ADL’s attention any questions or concerns, as well as suggestions they may have regarding these Terms of Use. To contact ADL users should use ADL contact information provided at the top of each ADL Webpage. ADL will do its best to respond to users email as soon as possible.

E. Disputes

Users must inform ADL immediately, and in any event, within 24 hours of any dispute they have with a tutor in connection to the tutoring session. Users must cooperate with ADL to resolve the dispute. ADL may freeze the user account during the dispute investigation.

F. Account freeze or termination

ADL may freeze or terminate user accounts for the reasons presented within this document as well as for reasons not listed here.

G. Changes to these Terms of Use

If ADL decides to change its Terms of Use, ADL will post those changes to this page. As explained above, the use of the ADL Website and associated services constitutes users’ acceptance of these Terms of Use. Consequently, the changes ADL makes to these Terms of Use are applicable at the user’s first contact and use of the ADL Website and associated services after the changes to Terms of Use were made. Therefore, ADL strongly advises users to check these Terms of Use before every use of ADL and associated services. To make this easier, ADL puts a modification date and time information at the beginning of these Terms of Use.