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This course can be taught in the following languages: Armenian

The hourly cost for this course is: 20 EUR

The following topics will be discussed and learned:


- Planar Geometry,

- Solid Geometry,

- Vectors, and

- Coordinate Systems.

- Solving calculation and construction problems.


- Arithmetic,

- Algebraic Transformations,

- Equations and Inequalities,

- Progressions,

- Exponential and Logarithmic Expressions,

- Analyzing Functions with Derivatives, Parameterized Systems, and

- math word problems.

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Armen is a dedicated educator with a strong academic background and a passion for mathematics. Over the years, he has had the privilege of sharing his knowledge as a lecturer at various institutions in Armenia.

Armen is also well-versed in the Zoom education platform. This proficiency allows him to provide effective and engaging remote instruction, ensuring that students have access to high-quality education, whether in person or online.

He speaks Armenian, Russian, English

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