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Khloyan Lilit

Lilit has graduated from Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University in English Language and Literature and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with honors in the field of pedagogy (Teaching English Language and Literature).

While studying for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Armenian State Pedagogical University, she attained a proficient understanding of teaching, education and pedagogy, and developed a keen sense of interest in TEFL/TESOL.

Lilit's six-year education at the university and seven-year working experience at the high school laid the foundation of her prospective professional path in teaching English.

From the very beginning of her teaching career, Lilit gained experience from teaching English to schoolchildren of secondary schools by helping them prepare their homework from English.

Her teaching activities took a more energetic course at the university. While Lilit was still a student, with her three friends they founded a development center for students in our region.

Right after receiving her master’s degree with honors with the qualification of Teaching English Language and Literature at Armenian State Pedagogical University, Lilit was offered a job of an English teacher at the high school of the same university.

Alongside with teaching at high school and conducting extracurricular practices of English, Llit was accepted as an English tutor at Development Center for Learning Languages and Training Skills.

Besides teaching, Lilit has a passion for music, reading, and making things with own hands.

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