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Dr. Hakobyan Nektar

Nektar has over 10+ years of Linear Algebra tutoring experience. She has hands-on expert knowledge of all aspects of Linear Algebra as well as Higher Mathematics, especially Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, and Ordinary Differential Equations.

Nektar holds a Ph.D. in Topology and Differential Geometry from the year 2013.

Nektar has experience in teaching the mentioned subject since 2009. The course will be useful for those who only started to learn Linear Algebra as well as those who know the subject but would like to deepen their understanding of Higher Mathematics concepts. Nektar has experience conducting virtual training.

Nektar is married, has three kids, and likes teaching her kids additional knowledge in Mathematics.

Nektar is fluent in Armenian, and English, and can teach Linear Algebra in any of these languages.

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