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Saroyan Ruzanna

Ruzanna was born on July 6, 1975, in Artsakh.

She graduated from school in 1992 and entered Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute in the same year.

#In 1997, she successfully completed her education at Artsakh State University, earning a higher education degree.

Ruzanna's teaching experience includes 26 years of working with students in grades 5-12 in the subjects Armenian language, and literature.

She possesses knowledge in developmental and pedagogical psychology, values her relationship with children, and strives for a creative approach to teaching.

Ruzanna encourages children to develop self-awareness and create analytical works. Ruzanna prepares students for university entrance exams, conducts conversational courses, and promotes literary thinking.

Her teaching style is accessible, and she works with students until they fully grasp the material.

In 2014, Ruzanna participated in the program of the National Institute of Education under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and received the corresponding certificate.

In 2014, 2019, and 2020, she received awards in recognition of her students' outstanding performance in academic subject Olympiads.

In 2019, on Teachers' Day, she was honored with a Certificate of Merit in recognition of her significant contributions and documented accomplishments in educating and nurturing the younger generation.

In 2022, Ruzanna participated in a training course organized by the "Epicenter" organization and received the corresponding certificate.

Ruzanna also has experience in conducting remote lessons on the Zoom platform.

Ruzanna is married and is raising four children.

Ruzanna enjoys engaging in analytical work and is passionate about the history of the Armenian people.

Ruzanna is proficient in the Armenian language.

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