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FM Sargsyan Shushanna

Shushanna graduated with a bachelor degree in Yerevan State University the faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, English language and Literature in 2009-2013.

She also graduated from Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture the faculty of Chess, Sports and Health Recovery in 2013-2014․

So far, Shushanna’s awards are:

- Vice Champion –championship between girls in Armenia ages from 10,12 and 18 in 2000,2003,2009․ - Champion in the championship between girls in Armenia ages 12,14,18 in 2004,2006,2010 - Champion-Jermuk tournament between girls in Armenia aged 16 in 2007 - Vice Champion- Jermuk tournament between boys in Armenia aged 16 in 2008 - Champion: the First League of Yerevan among women in 2010 - Vice-Champion-The First League of Yerevan among women in 2011 - Vice-Champion of Armenian chess house tournament in 2011 - Received the title of National Master and took the 4th place in the 67th championship of Armenian women in 2012 - The First place in 69th championship of Armenian women in 2014 - The 5th place in Olympiad in women’s team in 2014.

She got Women’s FIDE Master in 2021.

Currently, she works at one of the best Armenian schools, ”Ayb” school. Sushanna is also the leading coordinator of teachers of the entire “Vayots Dzor” region in Armenia. Shushanna is included in the team of school chess books editing consultation jobs.

She is fond of traveling,hiking, loves reading books, watching interesting movies, and also loves taking care of plants and gardening.

Shushanna is fluent in Armenian, English, and Russian and can teach chess in any of these languages.”

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