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English language

High School and University Entrance Exams

This course can be taught in the following languages: English, Armenian, Russian

The hourly cost for this course is: 20 EUR

The content of this course can be adjusted to the needs and goals of the students.

When the time is too short and the course should be learned in a year, the classes are very intensive and effective.

The student will be requested to concentrate on the grammar problems he or she makes mistakes.

Reading skills are developed through scan reading, guessing the meaning of unknown words, and learning the most essential ones.

The vocabulary is learned with the help of Memrise.com because it is more helpful and the interest is kept due to the streak period of learning.

Grammar is presented through very short rules of explanation and is immediately put into practice.

Daily work is required through daily reports.

All the electronic materials are provided.

Constant revision is done daily to keep the progress and to strengthen it, otherwise, without revision all the knowledge could be lost. So it’s an essential part of learning.

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Experienced tutor with more than 6 years of practice in individual and group offline and online classes.

Mrs. Naira uses self-developed unique techniques of teaching and works for result.

Highly proficient in both English and Armenian, with substantial experience in Spanish and Russian.

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