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English language

University Entrance Exam

This course can be taught in the following languages: English, Armenian, Russian

The hourly cost for this course is: 20 EUR

In a short time period, when it is needed to cover a huge quantity of material which is normally learned through 8-10 school years, this course will help you to do it in the most efficient way.

The content of this course can be adjusted to your needs and the level of knowledge.

Working on the vocabulary, you will be offered a course in memrise.com and vocabulary.com as it is the gamification of the process to make the vocabulary more digestible.

Solving grammar problems, you will be offered a brief rule and then you can utilize it in the test questions, making your own mistakes.

As learning a language demands work on a daily basis, everyday tasks and results are reported.

Not only does the student learn new material, but they also go through the learned material parallel to learning. Revision amplifies learning and makes it possible to go to their long-term memory.

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Eine erfahrene Tutorin für IELTS, TOEFL, Eingangsprüfungen und fließende Sprechkurse. Unterrichtet alle Aspekte der Sprache, einschließlich Grammatik, Sprechen, Schreiben, Lesen und Hörverständnis sowie effizientes Lernen.

Verheiratet, hat zwei Kinder. Spricht Englisch, Russisch und Armenisch.

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