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Gevorkyan Narine

Narine was born on April 24 1979 in Etchmiadzin, Republic of Armenia. She spent her childhood in Apaga village of Etchmiadzin, where she in 1996 graduated from school.

In 1996 she was admitted to the Faculty of Philology at the State Pedagogical University of Armenia. In 2001, she graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University of Yerevan, receiving the highest qualification of a teacher of Armenian language and Armenian literature.

In September 2001 Narine started working for 109 secondary schools in Yerevan, and since 2008 has been working in a high school. During the last academic year, I she also worked jointly at the "Hay Aspet" school.

In 2022 Narine started working in the high school of the State Pedagogical University of Armenia as a lecturer of Armenian language and literature.

She has several certificates of participation in professional courses, a letter of thanks from "Ayb" school, and awards for participation and victory in competitions and events.

Narine's students have won the first awards in the annual “Koreez” educational event for two consecutive years. In 2022, I participated in the voluntary certification of teachers and earned a 90 percent result out of a possible 100 (in 2022, out of more than 439 participants, only 15 people had such a result).

Narine is not married and lives in Yerevan.

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