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Armenian language

Armenian with me - easy!

This course can be taught in the following languages: Armenian

The hourly cost for this course is: 40 EUR

This program includes the following courses:

- Armenian for beginners (alphabet, writing, reading, and communication in Armenian).

- Conversation course (after this course you can communicate in spoken and written Armenian).

- Grammar of the Armenian language (here you can learn the basics of the grammar of the Armenian language, refresh or deepen them).

- Preparation for university entrance exams (high scores are guaranteed).

- History of Art (In this course you can get to know Armenian artists, learn their biographies, creativity, and works, and talk about them in Armenian).

Tutor picture

Narine is a specialist in the Armenian language and Armenian literature. She teaches all levels of the Armenian language, as well as Armenian literature, specializing in Armenian literature of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Narine speaks Armenian, and Russian and is a beginner in English.

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