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Armenian language

Armenian for primary, middle and high schools

This course can be taught in the following languages: Armenian

The hourly cost for this course is: 15 EUR

The course content depends on the student's level of knowledge, their goals, motivation for participating in the course, and expected outcomes.

During the course, beginner students will acquire literacy, learn the Armenian alphabet, Armenian vocabulary, and develop the ability to build simple sentences.

Students who are already familiar with the Armenian language will expand their vocabulary, express themselves more freely, improve their speaking, read Armenian texts, and analyse them.

Initially, an assessment of the student's knowledge level is conducted, followed by the creation of an individual learning plan based on which the teaching process proceeds.

According to the curriculum, each lesson begins with a specific theme, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, along with various exercises using a range of educational materials, such as books, cards, video slides, and online tools.

At the end of each lesson, an evaluation of the material covered is carried out to determine how well the student has grasped the presented material. Any unclear points and questions are discussed again.

The course materials are selected based on the goals of each learner. If the aim is lesson preparation, a school textbook is used. In other cases, the educational materials are suggested and planned by the teacher.

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Gayane is an experienced Armenian language teacher with extensive experience working with children of various age groups. The lessons are tailored to the individual needs and current level of the students, with a focus on the concentration and motivation of the learners being of great importance.

Gayane speaks Armenian, Russian, English, and Spanish.

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