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Information Technology

Microsoft SQL Server

This course can be taught in the following languages: English, Armenian, Russian

The hourly cost for this course is: 10 EUR

In this introductory Microsoft SQL course, the student will study important database concepts such as creating databases and tables, normalizing tables, and writing various queries to insert data, update data, delete data, or read data. We will learn various features such as distinct, order by, group by, having, using special options 'as, between, like, in', etc. We will learn basic sub-language types:

DDL – Data Definition Language
DQL – Data Query Language
DML – Data Manipulation Language
DCL – Data Control Language
TCL – Transaction Control Language

We will learn various types of tables, such as temporary and join tables, subqueries, various types of joins, primary and foreign keys, and other important concepts. All topics are supplied with good examples. The student will be able to practice all learned concepts by creating tables and running queries themselves on their local installation.

The content of this MS SQL database server course can be adjusted to the needs, goals, and Microsoft SQL knowledge level of the student.

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Susanna graduated from Yerevan State University, the faculty of applied mathematics. Susanna has titles of Ph.D. and Associate Professor.

Susanna has a number of years of experience tutoring the fundamentals of Python, programming in the .Net environment, C# programming, Java programming, databases, as well as the Linux operating system. Susanna speaks Armenian, English, and Russian.

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